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A very present past

«Our grandfather, Faustino, launched GRAN FAUSTINO RESERVA 1955, on the market in 1963 which was a huge success.

And in a subtle reference and homage to his mother, he bottled a selection that year with a cork signed as “Bodegas Santana”, in a tall, frosted, special bottle to protect it from the outer environment».

Lourdes and Carmen Martínez Zabala — 4th generation

Gran Faustino 1955 Reserva

Today is still yesterday

Today, 55 years later in 2018, the existing 2555 bottles have been launched as a new edition called GRAN FAUSTINO 1955. They are a true reflection of our speciality, making wines that are perfect for ageing, part of Faustino's secret. A “Grand Reserva” Rioja wine, like those of years gone by, those that are never repeated and which experts the world over talk about with admiration.

About Wine

Made mostly from Tempranillo grapes blended with other varieties, following the traditions of the classic “Grand Reserva” wines from La Rioja, wines with unrepeatable personality. The grapes are from the vineyards near the winery, since at the time transport was in baskets on the sides of horses or mules. The grapes were not stemmed and were only pressed gently to start fermentation (it could be said that it is a semi-carbonic fermentation processes, similar to the methods used in Alava area of La Rioja).

Aged in barrels mostly made from American oak, although with a touch of French barrels, since our archives record the use of French oak barrels in the Faustino Winery at that time, which was somewhat novel in La Rioja.

The wine is bright and glossy, orangey-ruby red with reddish flecks. A bouquet reminiscent of a spice shop (turmeric, bay leaf, coriander...) Hints of honey, dried fruit, almonds, marzipan... “other wine category”.

Our wine experts emphasise that acidity is the backbone for good ageing of these vintage wines. GRAN FAUSTINO 1955, a wine with pH 3.4, which would initially lead us to believe it is an acidic wine, but which rapidly surprises us with its silky, enveloping feel, polished, round tannins, hints of wood with a wealth of invigorating sensations.

Because of the time it spends in the bottle, this wine needs to breath for all its properties to come out, since it has been in a state of reduction (closed in a bottle without contact with the air) for half a century, and now needs to oxygenate to return to its balance.

We therefore recommend using a decanter in which it will open up and reveal all its nuances as an exceptional, singular vintage Rioja wine. And a part of our history.

A red wax seal, tin cover marked on the top

“Vintage style” label: lettering font, watermarks, re-worked, classical resources traditionally used in the 50's

Stamped in two-tone gold, with black serigraphy

Gran Faustino 1955 Reserva

A tall, matt bottle, Rhine style, very popular in La Rioja in the 50’s

It has not backlabel personalised; it has the former seal of the Rioja Regulation Council

We recovered the former seal from the original labels

Gran Faustino


This re-edition is available in two formats:

Gran Faustino 1955 Reserva

An individual presentation case made from black cardboard and wood, with a pincer corkscrew and explanation card.

Luxury finishes, stamps, photograph of the inside of the former winery, embossed on the upper part with the old coat of arms used on our labels.

Gran Faustino 1955 Reserva

A box containing 3 bottles lying on cardboard with stamped finish and explanation card inside.

The bottles are wrapped in silk paper imitating a page from the local newspaper dating back to 1955.

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