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In the Name of Wine, the new outlook to the future by Bodegas Faustino

Monday, October 7th 2019
ITNOW time is yoursITNOW time is yoursITNOW time is yours

Why do? Why imagine? Why insist and improve? Why not just drift? Why innovate? Why In the Name of Wine? These are such essential, human questions to which there can only be one answer: Just because. Because words are not necessary, Faustino, In the Name of Wine. 

The new Bodegas Faustino communication universe, designed with support by the consultants BrandFor, is a firm commitment to continue driving our business towards the future through leadership, dynamism and passion: the three values on which the pillars of Faustino are built.

Creating future value, through essence

In the Name of Wine is pride and a feeling of belonging. 

A greater cause that is reflected in our devotion to wine, the land and the people who naturally enhance Faustino's commitment to everything we do. 

In the Name of Wine is creating value. 

Enhancing the potential that the Faustino image has on the market: a consolidated, iconic brand present in 130 countries. 

In the Name of Wine is authenticity.

Real, honest stories that are able to connect to audiences in a way that is relevant. Our own, unique, differentiating territory reflecting the experience of four generations and over 150 years of passion for wine.

Inspiring through reason for and the passion behind our existence

A new way of communicating 

Bodegas Faustino is committed to a clear integration of wine and people: a unique connection that will showcase the ranges and products at different consumer moments and experiences. 

Furthermore, through the four identifying features of the new communication strategy: passionate, assertive, inspiring and truthful, the moments where relationships with consumers are amplified will be enhanced, thus connecting more directly and emotionally.

Time is yours, In the Name of Wine

Bodegas Faustino has always been committed to consumers, but now more than ever before. Through the messages “Time is yours”, communication seeks to empower and involve the audience, celebrating and sharing our passion for wine and truly genuine moments.

A homage to the land, to the origin, to the people and know-how that will see the light as of October 2019 in a comprehensive marketing and communication campaign having an impact at national and international level.

In short, Bodegas Faustino enjoys a combination of roots and energy that makes us unique in the market. Bodegas Faustino is wine. And wine is people. Just because. Because time is yours, In the Name of Wine


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